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Our exciting LGBTQ+ new writing showcase

Qweer Shorts began life in August 2021 above The King's Arms, Salford.
A 'semi-scratch' night, mixing script-in-hand early drafts with more produced developed pieces of LGBTQ+ new writing. 
In January 2023 Qweer Shorts moved to Hope Mill Theatre - launching at their annual queer Turn On Fest.

Act I focussing on brand new work with a mix of spoken word, script-in-hand and a couple of rehearsed 'semi-scratch' pieces. 

Act II seeing the return of pieces from previous Qweer Shorts nights. Offering the writers, directors and actors the chance to develop the work from the feedback and responses they'd received since the original staging.


Liquorice Allsorts
by Simon James
Evie Robinson - Pam Ashton
Director - Dan Scott
Our Ryan
by Paul Antony
Director - Michelle Parker
Dawn - Pegeen Murphy
Hilda - Janice Fryett
Liquorice Allsorts
by Simon James
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