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Written & directed by Stewart Campbell, 'Absolute Certainty?' explores the relationship between two brothers and a best friend when family secrets, a school-boy crush and a drunken night out are thrown into the mix. 

Finn is off to Uni, and Lee, his brother's best mate, wants to teach him ‘how to have fun AND look after himself!’.


However, Deano, a builder that lives for the weekend, is not so keen to have his younger brother cramping his style. Despite Deano’s best efforts to discourage their friendship, Finn and Lee get closer when Lee passes on a secret message from the brothers’ estranged mother.

In environment where no-one is safe to talk about feelings, let alone sexuality, it’s easy to misread the signs. One drunken night, a line is crossed; but by who? What actually happened? It’s difficult to find out when nobody wants to talk. 

April 2022

6th April
South Mill Arts - Bishop's Stortford
8th April
19th - 23rd
Riverfront Arts - Newport, South Wales
Bridge House Theatre - Penge, London
29th April
30th April
Lawrence Batley Theatre - Huddersfield
The Edge Arts - Chorlton, Manchester

The Cast

Dean Gregory
Andrew Houghton
lewis-jackson-actor-04 - Web Size.jpg
Lewis Jackson
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